Read about our philosophy of teaching and our vision of the studio.


Philosophy of teaching

To teach music is to teach a new language. A language that needs to be learned in all its diverse forms (Speaking/Playing, Listening, Reading and Writing) in order to be understood.
One of my biggest attractions as a piano teacher, is to provide the students the most possible tools for their own development, so as to awake in them the awareness of being while playing their instrument.
In nowadays experience, everything is at a very fast speed and almost even digested for you to consume. To get in touch with the art of playing the piano is to submerge into the most beautiful experience of self-discovery while making music, in a bottomless sea of inner-self growing.
To teach is another form of communication, to keep traditions alive and to give life to the information by passing it through.
My passion is to communicate through the language of the art of music, and with it, to use it as a bridge to reach souls, the souls of tomorrow that will keep this tradition alive.


Luis Romero Piano Studio helps to students to learn how to play the piano, learn music and enjoy it while they continue growing musically, artistically and personally. One of the purposes of the studio is to bring closer the pleasure of music to the students and help them to grow in themselves the interest of making it. The teachers help solving Technical problems in piano playing and enjoying music a lot! The last goal is intended to create people well educated in music and high quality piano playing.

Goal / Objective

The objective of Luis Romero Piano studio is to provide the students of tools to understand, enjoy and make music, so that they can develop further independently.


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